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One stringer

Here is a view of banzas  ( and other creations!)  that I have built.  For my current inventory please visit the BUY BANZAS page.  If you would like a custom order based on anything you see, please contact me for a custom order.Dotwo gourdsthree string sopranosoprano with milk paintsoprano with milk paintone stringer with styrofoam headGourd in oak armsHello up thereGourd with root4 string sopranoGourdon and friendstwo stringerIMG_20151110_164247786three string soprano
DNA BanzaTenor banzaIrish tenortenor banza 20" scale2 string "DNA"5 stringer with frets3.5 stringerIMG_20141003_171057

  • tenor banza

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    All banzas are available with or without frets and are made to be strung with nylon or gut strings only. Please do not string with metal strings.